1. Are CE courses automatically submitted to RELMS once I complete them?
    • Stef submits completed courses every Monday and Friday. They usually take 1-2 business days to be shown on RELMS. 
  2. What happened to the other CE courses?
    • Unfortunately, we are slowly discontinuing our Realtor CE services. Garth is putting his main focus into Crossroad Engineers (his Structural Engineer business) so he will no longer offer CE courses once they expire with the state. For now, the courses we do have are available at a lower price. (For more details, text or call Stef 801-859-3085)
  3. Who do I contact if I have questions about CE courses?
    • Text or call Stef @ 801-859-3085


Need to update your Realtor Information?

Fill out this form to update your name, email and/or real estate license number as shown on your license.

This information is private and will only be used to submit completed CE courses to RELMS.

*In order to submit courses to RELMS, we need your last name and full license number that is registered with the state of Utah.

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